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White Mountain Jewelers has designed a line of jewelry for both ladies and gents,

 Elk Ivory Jewelry.

Every elk ivory piece is hand crafted by Peter Tims, owner and jeweler, to be the piece for you.  


Enjoying the spirits of the ancients and symbols of the southwest, our Kachina charm collection is a way to keep a fragment of that history with you. Our charms are perfect for attaching to a charm bracelet or worn as a pendant


The meteorites in this jewelry have traveled billions of miles. They've passed sights and experienced other worlds that we can only imagine (for now). They have found their way to Earth. You have the opportunity to own and wear a piece of unknown history, untold adventures and a traveler from space. 

Who among us can resist hiking a winding mountain trail?  You follow the forest trail as it wanders along the solid earth, then sweeps along a cliff’s edge, turning, twisting, through the late evening sunset.  The warm sunshine invigorates and awakens your senses to the fresh scent of the pines. 

The feeling of peace and your connection with nature is offered in this 14k white gold collection featuring Arizona’s Four Peaks Mine amethyst surrounded by a “trail” of diamonds.

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