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You've been scouting, camping, and hunting for a week now. Finally, it all pays off.  In distance you spot your target. Elk! It's a small herd. From their number, you choose your prize. You take aim and squeeze the trigger. SUCCESS!


You begin the task of harvesting the elk, putting two unique pieces in a separate bag from the rest; the elk ivories. Ivories are prized by hunters as they are an exclusive and cool looking feature carried only by elk. In addittion, you now have the option to turn them into an even more unique trophy.


White Mountain Jewelers has designed the Elk Jewelry line for both ladies and gents to help commemorate your successful hunt. Every Elk ivory piece is hand crafted by Peter Tims, owner and jeweler, to be the peice for you.

These pieces not only give you a physical treasure, but a mental treasure as well. A physical reminder of forests and fields, mountains and valleys of trickling creeks in elk country and stories that link the past to the present.

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