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How can I find out my ring size?

Come into our showroom and we will measure your finger(s) for you at no charge.


Do you repair jewelry, resize rings, and/or make custom-designed jewelry using my gemstones?

Yes, we are a full-service jewelry store. Please contact us for any of your jewelry needs.


Do you repair jewelry in-house?

Yes, we have a team of on-site bench jewelers ready to give your jewelry the attention it deserves.


How much do repairs cost?

We would need to see the piece of jewelry in person so our experts can inspect and provide an accurate price for any repairs needed.


Do I need to pre-pay for repairs?

In most cases, payment is due when you pick up your repaired jewelry.


How soon can I expect my jewelry repairs?

We know you want your jewelry returned as quickly as possible. Typically, repairs are completed in a week, depending on what is being done, but we can often complete the repairs sooner.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes, we offer a free, lifetime workmanship warranty. As long as you bring in the item purchased/repaired here at least every six months (and you pay for needed repairs), we will replace missing gemstones due to workmanship error at no charge.


If I have my ring sized any smaller, I will not be able to get it on. It constantly spins on my finger from being too big. What should I do?

Bring your ring in to our store and we can show you several options.


I lost one of the gemstones in my jewelry, what can I do?

We will be happy to inspect your jewelry for any problems with the mounting(s) and provide an estimate to replace the gemstone and any work needed to prevent other gemstones from falling out.


One of the gemstones fell out of my jewelry, but I have it. Can you put it back in?

Absolutely. Bring the gemstone and the jewelry to our showroom and we will be glad to give you a free estimate of what it will cost to re-set the gemstone.


Why do my gold rings turn my finger black?

The most common reason for this is that the ring needs to be cleaned. You can bring your ring into our store for a free professional cleaning. On very rare occasions, you may be allergic to the alloys in the ring. We have several options to fix this problem as well.


I do not have extra links for my bracelet and it does not fit. Can it be lengthened?

Yes. Once we see the bracelet, we will decide the most cost-effective technique to use for lengthening it.


How often should I have my jewelry inspected?

We recommend you bring in your jewelry every six months, or just stop by when you are in the area. We will inspect your jewelry regardless of where you bought it and we will professionally clean it for you at no charge.


Do you repair watches?

We can replace batteries, size watch bands, or install new bands on-site usually while you wait. Repairs to the movements need to be sent out to one of our watchmakers.


Do you create custom jewelry?

Absolutely. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss bringing your vision to life and creating a piece of jewelry just for you.


If I have a picture of a ring, can you design one just like it for me?

We can. However, the final design is usually slightly different due to it being designed just for you.


Can I trade my old jewelry for something new?

Yes, you can. Just bring in anything you own and we will make you an offer.


Do you buy gold/silver/gemstones?

Yes, bring your items into our store and we will be happy to let you know what we can offer.


Do you offer a layaway program?

We offer a 5 month layaway program with no fee or extra costs.


How much is my jewelry worth for insurance purposes?

We have an independent appraiser who visits our store quarterly and will perform a comprehensive exam and provide that information to you for a fee.


Do you offer insurance for my jewelry?

We do not sell insurance. You can list your jewelry on your homeowners or rental insurance. There are also insurance companies who specialize in jewelry insurance such as Jewelers Mutual. You can visit for a free quote.


What is your return policy?


General Merchandise Sales

We want you to be completely satisfied with your jewelry. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, return the jewelry in its original, unworn condition with the original packaging and paperwork within 10 days, for a full refund. If the item is worn or in a different condition than when it left the store, we will charge a restocking fee. The fee will be determined by the owner or manager of White Mountain Jewelers. (If, in the opinion of WMJ, the merchandise cannot be restored to its original condition, a return may not be accepted.)


Special Orders

Jewelry ordered at the request of the customer will not be accepted for a refund.


Sale Items

Jewelry purchased on sale or at a special price will not be accepted for a refund.


Layaway Items

Items purchased by layaway will not be accepted for a refund.

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